Jordan blasts Israel’s killing of Arab protesters on Golan Heights

Jun 6, 2011

AMMAN: The Jordanian government on Monday condemned the killing of scores of peaceful Arab protesters by Israeli troops on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday.

“Israel is applying double standards by preaching values of democracy and freedom and at the same time gives orders to its forces to kill armless people who were protesting the continued occupation of their land in violation of international law and UN resolutions,” Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said in a statement.

At least 23 people were reportedly killed and scored wounded when Arab protesters approached the Israeli lines on the Golan Heights Sunday to mark the 44th anniversary of occupation of the Syrian territory.

Judeh pointed out that the growing Arab protests against Israeli occupation of Arab lands “reflected pessimism and frustration on the part of Arab peoples over Israel’s obstinacy and failure to respond to serious world efforts” aimed at ending the Arab-Israeli conflict.

He said: “maintaining stability and real security in the Middle East lay in Israel’s evacuation of all Arab lands it occupied in the 1967 war and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Source: Arab News.

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