Will The King of Jordan Replace The Jordanian Dinar?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today I will focus on Jordan, The Global Oligarchy and Jordan’s relationship with The Global Oligarchy. Do I really think that the king of Jordan currently has plans for replacing the Jordanian Dinar? I don’t think so. What I do know is that the king of Jordan is a pawn of The Global Oligarchy and that The Global Oligarchy has plans to have a global currency as part of having a global government,thereby enslaving all of humanity.
The king of Jordan is obviously a pawn of the Global Oligarchy as well as a liar. If you had asked me what I thought of The King of Jordan a year ago my answer would of been very different. My perception of the king of Jordan, until The “Arab Spring”, was very gentle and kind. I thought of him as my brother in Allah who was very naive about the world around him and very ignorant of The Islamic Faith. I thought he was a misguided Muslim brother who had the heart of a God fearing man. Now I see him as one who is promoting the interests of The Global Oligarchy in Jordan. Some Jordanians think that they are an independent country. But such thinking is a product of brain washing. Jordan is very much a colony, it is a colony of the global oligarchy.
When Jordan was established it was a constitutional monarchy. Yet, over the years the constitution has been changed from a constitutional monarchy to an absolute monarchy which has some of the trappings of a democracy. It is a monarchy that is under foreign control. For ten years the king of Jordan has been king. He has given much lip service to transparency, human rights, democracy and accountability. For more than ten years the king of Jordan has spoken up against corruption, yet after all this time the people have gone to the streets demanding the end to corruption. Why, after more than ten years is there still corruption? Is the king of Jordan evil and corrupt himself, or is he totally incompetent? For more than ten years he has promised political reform, yet there has been very little political reform. Why? Some individuals within his inner circle say that those of the Jordanian tribes dislike reform. This is a lie! A group of individuals that represent most of the native Jordanians (those who are members of Jordanian tribes) are in support of everything that the opposition wants. This group wants: constitutional changes that would bring it back to a constitutional monarchy; fair and just elections that would include all Jordanians, and reforms that would bring accountability and the end of corruption in government. So, as you can see both the political opposition as well as the tribes of Jordan are in agreement. Any talk that they are not in agreement is an out right lie! Why doesn’t the king of Jordan agree to the demands of the opposition? Because, the global oligarchy doesn’t want to lose control of the government of Jordan… that is why. Because the king of Jordan is a pawn of the oligarchy and he is doing what they want… not what is best for Jordan and the people of Jordan.
There is talk that Jordan is different from other Arab countries because its leader is a wise man. This is wrong! The turmoil that came to other Arab countries has not YET come to Jordan because the perception of the Jordanian people is that their leader is responsive to them. But the more the king of Jordan delays real reforms, the more the people of Jordan will come to realize that their perception of their leader is wrong and that he is not responsive- and will not be responsive. The more they realize this the more they will start demanding a change in regime. Even now, in the Friday protests the people are chanting “Long live Jordan”- instead of “Long live the king”. This and other things that the people are chanting in the Friday protests indicate that they are starting to get fed up with delays, and that there will come a time when they will not accept any more delays. There will come a time when they will start demanding a regime change. (Allah knows best)

Source: A New Era.
Link: http://truthseeker-anewera.blogspot.com/2011/07/will-king-of-jordan-replace-jordanian.html.

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