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Second phase of prisoner swap ready

JERUSALEM, Dec. 14 (UPI) — Israeli prison officials listed 114 Palestinian detainees to be freed in the second phase of a prisoner swap, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said Wednesday.

Israel released 477 prisoners Oct. 18 and agreed to free an additional 550 detainees within two months in a deal with Hamas to secure the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israeli media said the remaining prisoners would be released soon if the country’s top court rejected petitions against the release, Ma’an news agency said.

Haaretz said the Israeli government worked with Egypt to choose which prisoners would be released. None of the prisoners had been convicted of killing Israelis, the official said.

Most detainees selected for release are affiliated with Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the official said.

Source: United Press International (UPI).

Gaza people celebrates Hamas foundation


Al Qassam website – Gaza – Palestinian people is marking the twenty-fourth anniversary of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, foundation to affirm that it will continue all forms of resistance against the Israeli occupation until liberation, independence and the return of the Palestinian refugees.

Hamas in press statement said “On this day in the year 1987, our people started their revolution against the Israeli occupation, and made thousands of sacrifices for the sake of their land and holy sites,” Hamas’ statement reads, “Our people are still steadfast, determined to achieve full unity, and despite Israel’s excessive use of force, and bombardment, they are determined to achieve liberation, and to establish their independent state.”

The movement further stated that the Palestinian people, wherever their reside, share the strongest ties to their land and their identity, “…and will always remain united and determined to liberate Palestine and its holy sites.”

It also stated that all Arab and Muslim nations support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people, despite the idleness of the international community, and the military and financial support the United States and other Western countries provide Israel with to maintain its illegal occupation of Palestine.

More than 1,500 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli forces during the first Intifada, while at least 120,000 were injured. Israel also arrested a total of 120,000 Palestinians and displaced more than 150,000.

The Ministry of Information in Gaza reported that the number of Palestinians who were killed since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000 until now, arrived at more than 7,404, including at least 1,859 children, and more than 800 women. The number of wounded Palestinians exceeded 42,400.

Source: Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades – Information Office.

University staff strike over taxes

Wednesday 14/12/2011

HEBRON (Ma’an) — University staff decided to strike from 10 a.m. Wednesday to protest the government’s failure to abolish taxes on their end-of-service pay.

The union said in a statement that a protest would be held outside ministry buildings in Ramallah to demand that Prime Minister Salam Fayyad implemented a promise to abolish the tax.

The union also demanded the payment of university budgets approved by the government, noting that delays in the payment caused late salaries.

Source: Ma’an News Agency.

Hamas frees 75 prisoners to mark anniversary

Wednesday 14/12/2011

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Hamas-run government in Gaza on Tuesday released 75 prisoners to mark the Islamist movement’s 24th anniversary.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the prisoners had served at least two-thirds of their sentences and displayed good behavior in jail.

Source: Ma’an News Agency.

Egypt deports 17 Palestinians

Wednesday 14/12/2011

RAFAH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian authorities on Wednesday deported 17 Palestinians who were in the country illegally, Egyptian security sources said.

Security officials at the Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza told Ma’an that 17 Palestinians were detained on the road to Cairo and sent back to Gaza.

In some cases, the migrants’ visas had expired while others had entered Egypt through underground tunnels, the officials said.

Some Palestinians try to enter Egypt through tunnels due to strict security rules and delays at the Rafah border terminal.

Source: Ma’an News Agency.

MP says he received death threat for his anti-Assad comment


AMMONNEWS – A Jordanian lawmaker says he has received death threats for calling on Syria’s President Bashar Assad to step down.

Ali al-Khalayleh says an anonymous caller with a Syrian accent telephoned him Saturday, threatening to “behead” the lawmaker for remarks made about Assad in Jordan’s parliament two weeks ago. He says the call came from a Syrian number to his cell phone.

The parliamentarian had called the Syrian regime “corrupt and bloody” in his speech.

He told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he notified security authorities about the threat. Police say they are investigating.

Al-Khalayleh is a member of a local committee to support the Syrian people.

Source: Ammon News.