Syrians against Russia. Thousands of people take to streets

10 February 2012

Supporters of the Syrian opposition took on Friday to the streets of several cities to protest against Russia’s support for the ruling Alawite regime of Syria, according to media outlets.

Referring to the organizers of the rally, media outlets report that it is held under the slogan “Russia is killing our children”, tens of thousands of people are attending it.

Video footages are posted online, which show the bodies of Muslim children killed by the Alawite militants of al-Assad. The Syrians have emphasized that Russia is behind the killings of their children.

On Friday, the King of Saudi Arabia criticized the position of Russia in the UN Security Council

According to King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, the Russian and Chinese diplomats have undermined the level international confidence in the United Nations.

The veto right used by Moscow and Beijing, according to King, was an unfavorable step.

Russia and China for the second time blocked the Security Council resolution on Syria. This led to criticism not only of the West, but also a number of Arab countries.

Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition has made it clear that if they win Syria will expel Russia from the country. A few days ago, it was reported that the opposition of Syria has actually declared jihad on Russia, which supports the Assad’s regime.

“… We remembered it and declare the Jihad against you. We know perfectly well that Russia’s regime pays no attention to people’s lives, as in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Prague, Budapest, Georgia and Russia itself, where 800,000 people die each year …”, says the statement of the Syrian National Council.

Later the Syrian opposition confirmed its words by actions and seized the Russian embassy in Libyan capital of Tripoli.

In addition, massive and well-coordinated actions on attacking on a number of embassies inside and outside Syria had been organized.

It is to be recalled that Arab activists began in the popular social website a campaign, calling to boycott products made in China and Russia. This initiative stems from the fact that Moscow and Beijing vetoed a UN Security Council resolution against Syria, which was designed to punish Damascus for the ongoing carnage in the country and human rights violations.

Besides appeals voiced in several Arab countries calling to boycott the Russian and Chinese products have been supported by the Union of Arab Intellectuals.

In a statement, the Union urged Arab companies, Arab importers and purchasers to boycott Chinese and Russian goods and services, as well as to stop the cooperation with these countries in the cultural sphere.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

Source: Kavkaz Center.

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