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Meshaal, Abbas, and The Doha Agreement

Monday, February 13, 2012
written by: Sheila Quinn
Source: A New Era

Within the last few days Meshaal, as the leader of Hamas, signed an agreement which is both illegal and unethical. I have read a number of articles about him and this agreement. My initial response was one of anger. I wanted to speak out against him ,but decided against it because I thought of it as an internal Hamas issue and a Palestinian issue.

But the more I read about it and the more I learn about it, the more angry I became. I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong. This agreement is not just an internal Hamas issue, nor an internal Palestinian issue-but an issue of The Islamic Nation. It is an issue that ALL Muslims have a right to speak on!

Why do I say this? Because, Palestine is a territory of The Islamic Nation. It’s borders are between the ocean and The Jordan River. The Israeli State is an illegal state that has absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever. The U.N. partition of Palestine was conditioned upon the The Palestinians accepting it. They rejected such a partition. Only with their acceptance of the partition will The Israeli State become “legally” legitimate. The second reason is because Al- Aqsa Masjid (Al Aqsa Mosque)is in Palestine. Al-Aqsa has been-and is continuing to be- threatened with destruction.

For the last few weeks I have been reading different articles about Meshaal. Meshaal is from The West Bank. Meshaal is calling for a change in strategy. He is calling for adopting non-violent protests as a replacement for armed resistance. (Non-violent protests have proven to be ineffective with The Zionists. Fatah has used such strategy in The West Bank and the results are the loss of land and lives. Armed resistance is the only way to stop the aggression of The Zionists. Any other way has been proven to be impractical.) Hamas officials in Gaza have both the right-and the responsibility- to reject the agreement. They have every right in the world to refuse cooperation in its implementation. Since the agreement involves Gaza, the cooperation of the officials of Gaza are vital to it’s implementation.

Hamas should continue to work for the liberation of all of Palestine through armed resistance. Any other way has been proven to be totally ineffective.

As for Abbas, he has proven himself to be a puppet of those who want to destroy Al-Aqsa Masjid (Al-Aqsa Mosque). He has proven himself to be a puppet of the global oligarchy- which includes the leadership of both The U.S. and The European Union. It is clear that the global oligarchy wants Al-Aqsa Masjid to be destroyed. It is clear that Abbas is their puppet. Others in the “interim government” may be technocrats, but Abbas is not! The Zionists are in the process of: stealing all of the West Bank; evicting all Muslims from Jerusalem, and destroying Al-Aqsa Masjid. Abbas and the leaders of Arab countries want peace with The Zionists??? All of them-including King Abdullah of Jordan- are puppets of the global oligarchy!

Until now Gaza has been a stronghold of Palestinian resistance-unlike The West Bank. Does Meshaal want to open up Gaza to The Zionists -like The West bank?

Here are some quotes from articles that I have read:

“Meshaal might be able to put down the unprecedented rebellion against him, but would need the good will and cooperation of Hamas leaders in Gaza to make the agreement work.” (“Public rift as Hamas strongman in Gaza rejects unity deal”)

“On Sunday, the head of the bloc of Hamas legislators in Gaza, Ismail al-Ashkar, alleged that Fatah has not carried out promised confidence building measures, such as releasing Hamas loyalists held in the West Bank.” (“Public rift as Hamas strongman in Gaza rejects unity deal”)

“MPs of the Hamas majority in the Palestinian parliament called on Thursday for the scrapping of a reconciliation accord with Fatah on constitutional grounds.

“After examining the question of Mahmud Abbas taking on the premiership as well as the presidency” and consultation with judicial experts, such a scenario was found to be contrary to the Basic Law, 31 MPs said in a statement.” (“Hamas MP’s call for scrapping of Fatah Deal”)

“Meshaal has been based in Damascus since 2001, fearing for his safety and hoping to avoid the restrictions on his movement in Gaza. He has been the chief leader of Hamas’ political wing since 2004.” (“Hamas political chief to step down”)

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Source: A New Era.