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Saudi Arabia donates 20 tonnes of dates to Gaza

Monday 05/09/2011

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Head of the Egyptian Red Crescent Jaber al-Arabi said Monday that Saudi Arabia has sent 20 tonnes of dates to the Gaza Strip.

Al-Arabi told Ma’an that the dates will enter Gaza Monday evening via the Rafah crossing.

Egyptian authorities are helping to facilitate the transfer, he added.

Source: Ma’an News Agency.

Lebanon warns Israel sea border threatens peace

Monday 05/09/2011

BEIRUT (AFP) — Lebanon warned the United Nations on Monday that Israel’s proposed sea border threatens peace and security, as tensions rise between the neighbors over offshore oil and gas reserves.

“Foreign Minister Adnan Mansur has sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rejecting geographic coordinates Israel submitted to the United Nations concerning the northern part of the waters it claims,” said the ministry.

It said in a statement that the Israeli claim “infringes on Lebanon’s Exclusive Economic Zone,” a sea zone that gives a state the right to explore its maritime resources.

“This is a clear violation of Lebanon’s rights… over an area of some 860 square kilometers, and puts international peace and security at risk,” it said, adding, “We urge the secretary general to take all necessary measures to avoid conflict.”

Lebanon and Israel, which remain technically at war, locked horns over the maritime border after the discovery of potential offshore energy reserves.

The Israeli cabinet in July approved a map and submitted it to the United Nations, which has been asked to mediate the growing conflict.

The Israeli map conflicts with Lebanon’s proposed borders, which give Israel less territorial waters and was submitted to the United Nations last year.

Beirut argues its map is in line with an armistice accord drawn up in 1949, an agreement which is not contested by Israel.

Israel — arch-enemy of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah — has for months been moving to develop several large offshore natural gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, some of which are shared with Cyprus.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah-dominated government has meanwhile warned Beirut will not give up its maritime rights and accuses Israel of violating Lebanese waters, territory and airspace.

Iranian-backed Hezbollah fought a deadly war with Israel in 2006 which destroyed much of Lebanon’s major infrastructure and killed more than 1,200 Lebanese, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mainly soldiers.

Source: Ma’an News Agency.

Gaza school children plagued by siege

Mon Sep 5, 2011

Hamas Deputy Minister of Education Mohammed Abu Shkeir says Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip has caused troubles for school children in the enclave, Press TV reported.

“There are about 400,000 school children in Gaza schools, including governmental, UN-run, and private schools,” he told Press TV.

“There are shortcomings in classrooms and students have to study in two shifts due to lack of schools, which is a direct result to the blockade,” the Hamas official added.

More than 80 percent of public and UN schools work double shifts in the morning and evening due to lack of classrooms, according to figures released by UNICEF.

Israel’s blockade, which has been imposed on the sliver since 2007, has caused poverty among families and put children at risk of school dropout and psychological distress.

Tel Aviv’s restrictions on importing construction material into Gaza has forced schools to place students in cramped rooms and cut the class time by third.

Private school owner Umaima Abulkheir said families, who could afford private schools in previous years, are not able to enroll their children in these schools this year because of high cost of living and unemployment.

Source: PressTV.