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Syrian expatriates form Europe-wide opposition movement

Sep 10, 2011

Vienna – Syrian expatriate organizations from 15 European countries declared themselves in opposition to President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday and formed a joint movement in Vienna.

The new Union of Syrians Abroad called for the ‘toppling of the Syrian regime and for the creation of a democratic multi-party state’ while stressing the principle of non-violence and its opposition to foreign military intervention.

It also called on Syrian embassies to distance themselves from the current government, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported.

The Union plans to support opposition members in Syria and those who flee abroad.

It represents expatriates in Austria, Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Late last month, some opposition activists founded a National Transitional Council in Turkey, modeled on the one formed by Libyan rebels.

Protests calling for political reforms began in mid-March and developed into calls for the ouster of al-Assad.

The United Nations has estimated that more than 2,200 civilians have been killed in the government’s violent crackdown.

Source: Monsters and Critics.

Turkey to take legal battle for Gaza flotilla dead to The Hague

Sep 10, 2011

Istanbul – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Saturday vowed to carry his country’s spat with Israel over last year’s killing of Turkish nationals aboard Gaza flotilla ship the Mavi Marmara to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Speaking a convention of businessmen in the central Turkish city of Kayseri broadcast live on Turkey’s state news channel TRT Erdogan vowed to continue the legal struggle for justice for the nine people killed on the ship.

‘We will carry this struggle to the Hague and the world will again see who is standing alongside the victims,’ he said, criticizing Turkish opposition leaders for what he described as ‘acting as advocates for Israel’.

Erdogan was also deeply critical of the United States position on the Mavi Marmara incident, relating how he had to point out to US President Barack Obama how the attack had left nine Turks dead from wounds inflicted by 35 bullets mostly fired from close range, one of them an American passport holder.

‘I asked President Obama whether the reason he showed no interest in one of his nationals being killed was because (the victim) was (ethnically) Turkish – he didn’t reply,’ said Erdogan.

However, despite that rhetoric, Erdogan made no repeat mention of his remarks from an interview Thursday with Al Jazeera in which he warned that Turkey could send warships to protect future aid convoys sent to break the Israeli blockade against Gaza.

Turkey’s state Anatolian News Agency quoted Erdogan as telling Al Jazeera that ‘Turkish vessels are obliged to protect their own ships. We are going to send humanitarian aid to the region. And Turkish vessels carrying humanitarian aid will never be subject to any attack again.’

‘Turkey does not make the same mistakes with Israel in the international waters. Turkey’s state and military decency do not allow such mistakes.’

Those remarks, the first time that a Turkish official has warned of possible military intervention in the year long spat with Israel, caused international concern when aired late Thursday prompting warnings from both Israel and the US of the possible consequences of escalating tensions between the two former allies.

Source: Monsters and Critics.

Jordan opposition calls for expelling Israeli diplomats from Amman

11 September 2011

Jordan’s Islamic Action Front (IAF), the country’s largest opposition party, on Saturday called on the government to expel the Israeli diplomats from the Arab kingdom, Xinhua reported.

“The government should take a fast step in removing the Israeli embassy from Amman in light of continued Zionist violations against the sovereignty and interests of Jordan,” the IAF said in a statement posted on its website Saturday.

Arab nations reject all ties with the “Zionists” and the Arab leaders should take that into account, the IAF said.

The IAF also commended the protests by the Egyptians against the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

On Friday night, some Egyptian protestors broke into a building which houses the Israeli embassy in Cairo. They destroyed a newly- built concrete wall outside the embassy building and lowered the Israeli flag and threw documents out of the windows.

The Israeli ambassador to Egypt and most of embassy staff were carried back home by an Israeli plane early Saturday.

Three persons died and 1,049 others were injured during the protests at the Israeli embassy and in downtown Cairo on Friday night.

Source: Trend.