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2 Killed in Zarqa Brawl


AMMONNEWS – A fight in Hashemiyah district in Zarqa on Saturday escalated, resulting in the death of two people and the injury of two others.

Medical sources told Ammon News that two people were pronounced dead at the hospital after sustaining gun-shot wounds.

Security forces cordoned off the area in an attempt to contain the clashes, which lasted until Saturday night.

Tribal leaders in the area intervened to contain the incident and prevent possible escalation in violence after the death of two people.

An investigation was launched into the incident.

Source: Ammon News.

Jordanian prisoner in Israeli jail goes on open hunger strike


AMMONNEWS – After 17 days a Jordanian prisoner in Israeli jails refuses to eat to protest the Israeli authorities repeated refusal to allow his wife and children visit him.

Ala’a Hammad, a Jordanian prisoner in Israeli occupation jails since 2006, is serving a 12-year sentence, has been held in Israeli jail since 2006.

The Palestinian prisoner society said in a statement on Monday that Hammad told its lawyer during a visit to Gilboa jail that his wife’s repeated requests to the Israeli embassy in Amman to visit him were always denied.

The society, meanwhile, noted that the Israeli administration in Gilboa jail had transferred 17 detainees to Megiddo jail.

Source: Ammon News.

Students Forced to Pledge Distance from Political Parties


AMMONNEWS – University students receiving ‘Makruma’ scholarships were asked to sign a pledge not to join memberships of any political parties and not to conduct any political activities on university campuses.

The Higher Coordination Committee of the Jordanian National Opposition Political Parties on Monday blasted the move to force students to sign such pledges, stressing that such a stipulation violates principles of freedom and obstructs the development of democratic and political life.

Students who receive ‘Makruma’ scholarships allocated for underprivileged areas noted that they were asked to sign a pledge not to participate in political activism inside university campuses.

A statement issued by the Opposition Political Parties’ Coordination Committee on Monday cited receiving notice from the ‘National Campaign for Students’ Rights’ noting that Makruma students were asked to sign the pledge.

The Committee requested clarification from Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit during a meeting last Saturday, at which Bakhit noted that he had no knowledge of such a decision.

Source: Ammon News.

1200 Students Returning from Libya, Yemen to Enroll in Jordanian Universities


AMMONNEWS – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on Wednesday said that 1,200 Jordanian students returning from study abroad in Libya and Yemen will be admitted into Jordanian Universities.

Higher Education Minister Wajih Oweis will announce in a press conference on Wednesday the standards that the Ministry will adopt in implementing the Royal ‘Makruma’ scholarships to enroll returning students into Jordanian Universities.

Ammon News learned that the Ministry will administer a comprehensive exam for first, second, and third year students for evaluating the fields of study that students will be enrolled in.

Fourth year students will be admitted into programs without examination.

990 students studying in universities in Yemen registered their cases with the Ministry, of them 664 students are studying medicine.

Meanwhile, 166 students returning from Libya also submitted applications for admission into Jordanian universities, of them, 110 are medical students.

Over 375 of the students who returned from Yemen and Libya as a result of the ongoing developments there have achieved 85 percent or above in the Tawjihi (General Secondary School Certificate) Examination.

Source: Ammon News.

Salafi Detainees Abused in Jordanian Prisons ~ lawyer


By Amal Ghabayen

AMMONNEWS – Jordan’s special military tribunal has repeatedly wronged and been gravely unjust towards members of Salafi Islamist movements, a legal expert on Islamist movements said on Tuesday.

Musa al-Abdullat, an attorney defending the cases of over 100 Salafists has spoken out against the State Security Court’s oppression.

Abdullat said during a press conference Tuesday evening that Salafists have faced grave violations of human rights, torture, and indignity, particularly those tried in the aftermath of the Zarqa clashes in April.

In exposing the double-standards practiced by the State Security Court (SSC), Abdullat indicated that SSC has been trying the Salafists on charges of committing violence and inciting strife, while it has failed to arrest or bring any of the ‘thugs’ involved in violence against protestors throughout the kingdom since the beginning of the year to trial.

He added that the testimony of a number of the security officers in the SSC’s court sessions supported the Salafis and contradicted other testimonials which were at odds with what was said before the public prosecutor since the investigation.

Al-Abdallat said that some of the Salafis had been arrested from their homes without an arrest warrant or inspection, revealing that a number of the security personnel had raided their homes ‘savagely’ and some of them had tampered with belongings within houses.

Al-Abdallat displayed video clips of the Zarqa events that in his view pointed to the innocence of the Salafis of terrorist charges.

On his part, the Chairman of the Popular Committee for Defending Detainees Muhammad al-Hadid claimed that Salafi detainees had been beaten and tortured, and indicated that they had been undressed and photographed inside prisons by members of the Public Security Department.

Lawyer, Majid al-Fatawi, spoke of the suffering of the families during the court cases since most of them were not allowed to attend, and they were forbidden from sitting under the canopy in front of the prison, even though most of them came from provinces far from Amman.

Al-Fatawi said that excessive violence had been used to arrest the detainees and firearms employed to open the doors of houses. Security personnel had also, according to al-Fatawi, entered bedrooms without respecting the sanctity and privacy of homes.

The spokesperson for the Committee, Wissam al-Amush, also known as ‘Abu Abida,’ noted that 150 families were being punished and are suffering from the detention of their sons, adding that what happened in Zarqa was no more excessive than what happened at the Interior Ministry Circle in March, or the Nakhil Square in July.

He continued that most of what happened in Zarqa was no more than a brawl between the Salafis and the ‘thugs’, saying they refused to divide people into first-class and second-class citizens, since such a division would only bring disarray and tension.

Source: Ammon News.