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Central prison in Aleppo taken after storming. Thousands of hostages released

6 February 2014

Sources from Syria reported that units of Jabhat al-Nusrah and Ahrar al-Sham stormed the central prison in Aleppo.

During the decisive assault, a lot of Assadites were partly eliminated, and a part of them knocked out of their positions.

According to the latest reports from the battle scene, the fighting aims to eliminate the last remaining block of the prison. 4,000 to 6,000 prisoners and hostages are held there.

Hundreds of exhausted hostages and prisoners have been already freed. The process continues. The condition of many prisoners is very miserable. All of them are exhausted and barely stay on feet.

During the assault on the central prison, Emir Seyfullah al-Chechen became a martyr, Insha’Allah. Emir Seyfullah al-Chechen was born in Pankisi, Georgia. There is no accurate information so far on the overall losses among Mujahideen and Assadites.

It is to be recalled, that the central prison in Aleppo has been besieged by the Mujahideen for about a year. There were several major attempts to attack, including martyrdom operations, but all of them failed. Many Mujahideen from the Caucasus, Crimea, etc. martyred in the battle.

It should be noted that the liberation of the central prison is a major success in the battle for Aleppo, because the prison is located in a strategically important area. Now, the main road used by Assadites to deliver supplies to their troops in Aleppo fell under the Mujahideen control.

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Source: Kavkaz Center.