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Israeli army seeks harsh new sanctions against deserters

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Israeli army is moving to legislate new, wide-ranging sanctions against deserters, including a ban on obtaining a driver’s license, passport, and ID card.

According to the report in Ynet, the “severe government sanctions” could also include “a denial of housing benefits and scholarships.”

The army recently sent text messages to mobile phones belonging to an estimated 3,000 deserters, warning that “absence from service without approval” will “result in a criminal record.”

The paper states that the Israeli military was “encouraged by the success of legislation” initiated by Jewish Home MK Yoni Chetboun, “which established that deserters cannot receive state scholarships, and hopes to expand on the law.”

The officer told Ynet that the directorate is seeking to pass legislation resulting in government ministries not issuing ID cards or passports to deserters, rejecting requests for tax dedications or housing benefits, and even refusing to renew driver’s licenses. In addition, the legislation would block deserters from public offices and ban them from renewing or receiving a weapons license.

Source: Middle East Monitor.