Brazil delays approval of Israeli ambassador

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Israel’s foreign ministry has revealed that the Brazilian government is delaying its approval of the new Israeli ambassador, who is the former head of the Israeli settlement council, Dani Dayan, reported on Friday.

According to the Israeli Channel 2 TV, a senior Israeli official called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene to end this crisis. He described Brazil’s act as a “rude and ugly boycott.”

Netanyahu, who also holds the foreign minister brief, appointed Dayan to the post. Brazil has not yet confirmed if it does not want to approve him. Media reports suggest that the foreign ministry is still hopeful about having his appointment confirmed.

Ministry officials are apparently waiting until after the Christmas break as there is potential political unrest in Brazil that might end up with the current president being ousted, in which case relations between the two countries may be eased.

The Times of Israel said earlier that Brazil’s delay in approving Dayan as ambassador means that it has decided not to give him the green light. The newspaper website reported an Israeli official as saying that Brazil is waiting for Israel to understand this “hint” and nominate someone else for the position.

Source: Middle East Monitor.


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