PFLP marks 48th anniversary in Gaza

Dec. 12, 2015

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Thousands of supporters on Saturday joined a rally in the Gaza Strip commemorating the 48th anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Led by top PFLP figures, supporters marched from the Saraya junction in the center of Gaza City to the headquarters of the United Nations waving Palestinian national flags, PFLP flags, as well as photos of Palestinian martyrs .

Member of the PFLP’s politburo, Jamil Mizhir, spoke during the rally, slamming ongoing factional divisions between the Hamas and Fatah movements.

Mizhir said that the divisions are negatively impacting “the ongoing uprising of the Palestinian people,” due to both movements utilizing the recent unrest to their own factional interests.

Mizhir also slammed Palestinian leadership in the occupied west Bank for continuing to “impede the implementation of decisions by the PLO’s Central Council” regarding security coordination with Israel.

The Central Council in March called for an end to security coordination with Israel as long as it continued to violate signed agreements.

President Mahmoud Abbas in September said during an address to the UN General Assembly that the PA was no longer bound by the agreements due to Israel’s lack of commitment to the Oslo Accords, and said the council’s March decision was “specific and binding.”

Mizhir said that despite this, Palestinian security services “continue to harass and go after young Palestinian men” in coordination with Israel.

Meanwhile in the Gaza Strip, Mizhir added, the “disastrous conditions continue and worsen in light of the electricity crisis, water problems, the closure of the Rafah crossing and the imposition of new taxes.”

Source: Ma’an News Agency.


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