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UNICEF welcomes release of Palestinian child detainees from Israeli prisons

JERUSALEM (BNO NEWS) — The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Monday welcomed the release of more than 50 Palestinian children from Israeli jails as part of Sunday’s prisoner swap agreement with Hamas.

The 55 released children are between the ages of 14 and 17. “We welcome this release of children by the Israeli authorities and we look forward to further progress on the issue of child detainees,” said Jean Gough, UNICEF Special Representative in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The children were released as part of the second phase of a prisoner swap agreement with Hamas. Under the agreement, Israel agreed to free 1,027 prisoners in exchange for the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit who had been held in Hamas captivity in Gaza for almost six years. During the first phase in October, Israel released 477 Palestinian prisoners…

All prisoners released as part of the deal were forced to sign a document in which they pledge not to engage in terrorist activity in the future. Israeli officials previously said they will hunt down any released prisoners if they are found to have engaged in “terrorism” again.

According to UNICEF, a total of 161 Palestinians under 18 years of age were in Israeli military detention as of December 1. At least 106 Palestinian children remain in Israeli jails following Sunday’s release.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Source: Newstro.

UNRWA union strikes in Gaza, says 3 dismissed unfairly

Wednesday 18/05/2011

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Palestinians working for the UN refugee agency in Gaza announced a comprehensive strike for Wednesday, over the dismissal of three employees union officials say were wrongfully let go.

The strike will last all day Wednesday through Thursday, and see all of UNRWA’s unessential services, like schools, clinics, and administration offices close. Nearly 11,500 workers will walk out of their jobs, effecting 238 schools and 25 clinics.

According to head of the workers union Salim Al-Hindi, three men were dismissed from their jobs because they had at some point come under investigation by local Gaza security forces. The three were all found not guilty but according to the official were fired anyway.

Details of the cases were given as follows:

K.H.W., a teacher, had “problems between him and his cousins,” was investigated by local police and found innocent

A.A., a worker in environment health who was arrested by government security forces after being charged with involvement in the Rafah mosque take-over in 2009, when a Salafist group declared the city an Islamic emirate, an incident that ended in a mass gunfight leaving 22 dead. AA, however, was questioned and released without charge.

A.A., an employee in the services department, he was arrested along with two friends; all were charged with possession of prohibited drugs. The worker was interrogated by local security departments who released him without charge, but detained his two friends.

Al-Hindi called the dismissals “arbitrary,” and was effectively an “execution of the workers and their families,” who would have no other source of income.

“There must be respect for dignity,” the official said, asking that the men be returned immediately to their post.

UNRWA spokesman in Jerusalem Chist Gunnes said “The staff members were dismissed following an inquiry and subsequent review, and under new internal justice procedures agreed between UNRWA and the unions they have the right to appeal.”

Source: Ma’an News Agency.